Current Affairs GK 2021-Question & Answer

Current Affairs GK 2021

Current Affairs GK 2021, For all Competitive Exam in Assam like APSC, PNRD, Irrigation, and other Department in Assam.

  1. Who has become the fifth strongest brand globally?
    Ans. Jio
  2. Airtel has announced 5G Ready network in which city of India?
    Ans. Hyderabad
  3. Which state government has launched its own packaged drinking water in the name of Mission Bhagirath?
    Ans. Telangana
  4. According to the released report, which state has the best justice delivery system?
    Ans. Maharashtra
  5. Which country has ranked India in the ongoing Asia Pacific Personal Health Index?
    Ans. 10th
  6. Shubhadarshini Tripathi has been appointed as Rajdut of India in which country?
    Ans. Kazakhstan
  7. Who has launched 2021 as India France Environment Year?
    Ans. Prakash Javadekar
  8. Which state’s High Court judge Sunil Kumar Awasthi has resigned?
    Ans. Madhya Pradesh
  9. Which country has ranked India in the Corona Virus Performance Index?
    Ans. 86th
  10. is the largest country in the world
    Ans Russia
  11. is the world’s largest river
    Ans. blue
  12. is the world’s largest desert
    Ans. The Sahara Desert
  13. is the world’s largest lake by area
    Ans. The Caspian Sea
  14. is the largest freshwater lake
    Ans. Superior Lake
  15. In which country is Chongqing the world’s largest city by area?
    Ans. China
  16. is the largest continent in the world
    Ans. The continent of Asia
  17. is the largest economy in the world
    Ans. United States of America
  18. world’s largest ocean
    Ans. Pacific Ocean
  19. largest animal in the world
    Ans. Blue whale
  20. Shubhadarshini Tripathi has been appointed the new Ambassador of India to which country?
    Ans. Kazakhstan
  21. Who has been appointed as ‘Deputy Chief of the Indian Army’? / Who has been appointed as the ‘Deputy Chief of the Indian Army’?
    Ans. Chandi Prasad Mohanty
  22. Who has been appointed as the new Managing Director (MD) of the State Bank of India (SBI)?
    Ans. Both appropriate

Current Affairs GK 2021

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